Bullying is consistently one of the biggest conversation topics of the 21st century. However, the conversation has barely shifted. Schools and community groups are employing thousands of strategies and, yet, the problem exists more loudly and more strongly than ever.

Telling a teacher, walking away or ignoring bullies doesn’t work.  Young people need to be empowered through:


  • Knowing and understanding their core values

  • Understanding the dynamics of bullying

  • Understanding language and how it affects behaviour

  • Knowing how to take responsibility and gain control

  • Knowing how to develop confidence and resilience

  • Understanding how to respect themselves and others

  • Knowing how to get beyond fear


Phoenix Rising Development offers a guide for parents, teachers and community workers in how to assist young people to be happy and healthy through conscious teachings.


We offer keynote speaking, development programs, consulting and coaching for teachers, young people and their parents who have experienced bullying.