What is one of the biggest challenges kids face today? 


BULLYING, and this new bestseller provides the solution!


Everyone deserves to live in an environment that is free of fear and menace. In my new Bestseller, Bullying: The Solution That Works for Parents and Teachers, I provide the formula to empower the significant adults in young people's lives to assist them in coming through a bad experience, or not having bad experiences at all. 


"... no one told me Jill was a guru! Just read the first chapter, an easy read that rings uneasily true. An issue which after many years teaching, is an ever growing worry. The thing that strikes me is, Jill identifies the lack of empathy that is shown by bullies for their victims."

Tim Gardner, Teacher.


" I just bought your book for my Kindle that I haven't used for about 2 years. I also just read/scanned it and wished it had been available when my boys were at school. Parents will find it easy to read and put into practice. Well done you! Congratulations to a new author!"

Jeanna Wilkins