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A presentation on bullying: It’s often focused on appearance

“The main reason for bullying is appearance,” says Donara Davtyan, a high school student at the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies in Yerevan, Armenia. In her TED-Ed Clubs presentation, she explores what happens when teenagers pick on each other for the way they look. “I think bullying people for their appearance is one of the most stupid and inhumane things, as one doesn’t choose how they are born,” she says.

Davtyan has experienced this herself. “My classmates say that I have a big nose, but you know what, my big nose isn’t their problem,” she says. She knows she isn’t alone — Lady Gaga has talked about being bullied for her looks, and in an informal survey of her friends, Davtyan found that about half had been bullied.

“It’s time to understand that we shouldn’t change our appearance, but our thinking and behavior,” she says. “Your nose isn’t big — you just breathe better than others.”

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