Decreased productivity, absenteeism, poor morale, staff turnover...

Is this happening in your workplace?

The Workplace Bullying Project Team at Griffith University estimate that workplace bullying costs Australian business between $6 and $13 billion a year.

However, the hidden cost is in the health of workers. They experience:

  • Feelings of disconnection from and dislike of work

  • Absenteeism, causing lower production outcomes and completion rates

  • Lacking quality friendships at work

  • Displaying high levels of emotion that indicate vulnerability and low levels of resilience

  • Being less well accepted by peers, avoiding conflict and be socially withdrawn

  • Having low self-esteem

  • Having depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness and isolation

  • Having nightmares

  • Feeling wary or suspicious of others

  • Having physical illness

  • Having an increased risk of depression and substance abuse

(In extreme cases, having a higher risk of suicide, however, the reasons why a person may be at risk of suicide are extremely complicated)

Change your workplace culture by contacting us today!

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