Research has proven that effective bullying solutions occur only when the entire community is involved. There are powerful ways to make this happen and to prevent bullying at a root level. Our workshops allow people to connect in meaningful ways in order to allow them to cope with the demands of todays society.


Some of the topics we will cover in our workshop will include:


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Inner Strength

Inner strength comes when we are clear about who we are and we shed the labels others want to give us. When we respect ourselves and others, take responsibility for ourselves  and connect in meaningful ways, we are in a position to be strong andconfident. 

Connecting + Happiness

When young people connect with who they truly are and not with how others see them, many of the pressures that they face disappear. Authentic connections with ourselves, others and our communities allow us to live happier and more meaningful lives.

Confidence + Resilience

Once you have that clear understanding of your values, confidence will ensue. When we have confidence we inspire it in others and inspiring others can lead to success. We’ve all had to listen to speakers who are over-apologetic and nervous. They have trouble convincing us of anything. If we present confidently, then we can convince others of our ability in almost any situation. 

Resilient people live “at cause” not “effect”. They know that their actions can affect outcomes and they take personal responsibility. 

Responsibilty + Blame Culture

Blame cultures usually grow from an atmosphere of fear, resentment, and anger. Most people who have been bullied, or have children who have been bullied, know theses emotions only too well. However, it isn’t helpful because when we shift the focus of trying to solve the problem to blaming we only perpetuate the cycle of hate.

Core Values + Respect

We all have values. They are the things that are most important to us. They are formed in early childhood. When we have a clear understanding of our own values, it’s easier to make balanced decisions and to be clear regarding our expectations of others and ourselves. It also allows us to have self-respect and interact respectfully with others.

Fear + Vulnerability

Many young people today live in constant fear. Fear of being judged, fear of failure and fear of negotiating the wider world can often leave them paralysed. Understanding fear can assist them to move from inaction to the action of employing the tools they need to live a happy, healthy life.